Thursday, 6 September 2012

Why blog?

It occurred to me that I am writing something here that pretty much nobody will read. Maybe the odd chap will occasionally visit this blog for a moment or two before realising they have something better to do. Like... well... anything else.

So why bother? Well I suppose it's a mixture of narcissism and motivation. I do love to talk about myself, that much is clear. As soon as it was suggested I write a blog about my training I jumped at the chance to go "Look! I can write! Look! I'm not a pleb!"

Most blogs are rubbish. There are some that repeatedly throw out hugely interesting discussions and are written not because somebody wants to talk about themselves (like me) but because somebody has something to say that they think may actually improve people's view on the world. (Robin Ince has a blog that I read (and enjoy) a lot, and today on Twitter I tried to be all ironically funny at him, all bantery and playing along. I failed and looked like a tit, and now a comedian I've admired and respected for years thinks I'm a total bellend. Great.) But most are just clueless fecks (like me) talking about things they shouldn't be.

But it's the motivation that this blog gives me that is the real reason behind its existence. Everything I write becomes a sort of contract with myself that I am going to see this thing through. I may make comments about the excuses I will make in the future, but I say those things just to make sure I don't do them. (That said, I might just be saying that to give more gravitas to any excuse I actually make...)

Take today's run for example. I extended it further but about 500m in I started feeling a tightness in my right calf. I'd clearly not warmed up as well as I should have. My head said I should stop, go back, cool down, start again.

But then my head told my head (I have more than one head, it seems) that I'd said I was running today and that I was running further than yesterday. So I carried on, trying to stretch the old calf muscle a bit as I ran. The result? I got round incident free, finally got over 2k and felt great. I suspect that without the blog I'd have simply made my excuses and left.

So it doesn't matter if nobody reads it. It's my diary and it helps me. Loads of people wouldn't need something so self-involved to motivate them. But I do.


Tomorrow is one more longer run then I get to rest for a day. Four on, one off. That's the system. See you tomorrow.



  1. I'm reading. Keep posting up the links and I'll keep reading.

    I like your writing. I can plug my own writing here if you want ( but you're writing is good enough for the both of us. Oh, and I talked train fares with Robin Ince, but it was much more fun seeing him at a recording of Monkey Cage.

    Anyway, I'm off the point. It matters not if this is a private diary that's on a server or inspirational words to millions - if it gets you there, if it's part of the process, it'll be worth it. Keep it up matey.