Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spot The Idiot

Well this today's rest was to be spent travelling up to London to watch the marathons near the finish at Buckingham Palace (ish). I have had this planned for a few days, having checked the times and making sure we could get there in time and so on.

So we went. And we saw... sod all. Because the marathons are tomorrow. Yes, I checked the time. But I clearly didn't check the bloody day. Who's the complete moron? Yes, me.

Instead I spent my rest day walking. For the whole day, pretty much. We saw London, it's looking lovely in the blazing sun and everyone is still firmly revelling in the paralympic spirit. I've loved the Olympics and Paralympics, and I can't pretend that without them I may never have been inspired to run a marathon in the first place, and I would definitely not have as much inspiration dragging me on to the the road day after day.

I must say, my legs feel great today. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's run. In response to yesterday's blog my chum Ben (the personal trainer) gave me some good tips, which I will put just here, in case anyone's reading:
  1. Leave the headphones if you can. You are better off running and 'listening to your body' rather than One Direction or whatever. Listen to your footsteps, keep them light, quiet and even and listen to your breathing and really get to know your body and how it works when you run.
  2. At the mo I would not even bother with measuring time/distance. Just get out and enjoy running. Leave the GPS and stopwatch and just enjoy the feeling of running until you get a bit fitter and closer to the marathon and then focus on set distances and goals each week.
This is advice that I will take. We've already seen the benefit of Ben's advice and I'm going to see how it goes with following it. I do NOT promise not to sing One Direction  to myself as I run though. I just love those guys...

So that's it. Rest over, running again tomorrow, just for the love of running. A day off gives you the appetite back. Get on that!


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