Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Run two

I have stunned even myself. For the first time in years and years, I have trained two days in a row. I know that as an achievement this is as nothing compared to what's being done at the Olympic Park these days, but it's still excellent news.

As I mentioned before, I have not done much in the way of looking after myself before and after training sessions, meaning I burn myself out or do myself a mischief and have a good excuse to put training on hold for a while.

Not this time, buddy! Yesterday's full warm-up and cool-down set me up for a second day of running and I even added a bit, which is excellent news. On this form, I'll be able to run 88 miles, and if I can do it in one hour I can go back to 1955 and listen to Huey Lewis and the News. Awesome.

My earphones still don't quite fit though. I may have to invest in one of those things that people wear around their arms and get some decent earphones to match. I think that's the only way to really be a runner. Until I do that I'm just faking it.

So I'm on schedule. After two days, to be off schedule would be quite a worry...! But, despite not yet troubling 2k, I am very happy with my progress. I said I'd take it slowly and I will, and at this very early stage it seems to be paying off.

Just need to learn to do today's run about 18 times in a row, that's all...



  1. Clunge. You never cease to amaze me! Not to mention entertain! Inspire away! Hats off for you getting involved and if you need any support on lead up to or on the day Hannah and I are marathon support pro's! I will sponsor after Chrimbo is out the way. In the meantime...step to it!!

  2. Ta Lube! Will need all the support I can get!