Friday, 7 September 2012


Today I hit 2.5km after the biggest increase in my run so far. At first I was chuffed, despite my legs feeling a bit wobbly afterwards. But now, on reflection, I realise I still have a lot of work to do.

Take, for example, the excellent and inspirational Race For Life. They do a 5km run and I've never seen any complaining. Yes, some of them walk. But most just get running and double what I ran today without any particular issues.

And then consider that I ran 2.5km and the marathon is 42.2km. That means I have to do what I did today almost 17 times to complete the course.

17 times! Christ!

I suppose that, regarding the Race For Life, that 5k is run once, and a great deal of the ladies who run it are jelly-legged for a couple of days afterwards. Plus, there's no pressure on them to keep running. They can stop, walk, get carried, anything. Again, most of them don't, but enough do to make me feel less bad.

Plus, my aim here is to condition myself to be able to run a marathon comfortably. I can't do that by just running, I have to build up to running long distance and if I go too far too fast too soon I'll never make the progress I want to.

So the biggest lesson I have to learn is that I should stop doing maths and worrying.

Tomorrow I have a day off to reflect. I am certain I read somewhere that I need to build rest and recuperation into any training schedule, and I'm happy to do that. But what will I do with my day off?

I'm going to watch the Paralympics. The Marathon. Of course.

I'm a dick.



  1. I'm READING these you know. From your mystery blog fan.

  2. knew who I was. Well......KEEP GOING! You're doing good things with your legs.