Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First run

One of my best mates is a personal trainer. He's bloody good too. If you want proof, go to Trilogy Boot Camp's website and get on one of his boot camps. Anyway I told Ben, my personal trainer friend, that I was going to do the Marathon and he had one piece of advice for me: don't overdo the training.

About five weeks ago I decided to start my training, and with Ben's words ringing in my ears I took off on what I considered to be a short jog.

Half an hour later I returned home feeling like death and wondering what the hell had gone on. Years ago, in my football playing days, I could run for two hours solidly and have plenty to spare. So how was it that I could be pleading for new legs after what was clearly just a little tart about the place?

Quite simply, I did everything wrong. I didn't warm up, I didn't warm down, I didn't remember that in those days I was conditioned. I went in cold and paid the price.

It took a couple of days for my body to recover and I found several excuses not to get running again until I really had to. I insisted that as soon as the summer holidays were over I would get on my training with gusto. Alas, the summer holidays are over and, ever true to my word, today was the first proper day in my training.

My schedule is very light for this first week and today was to be the lightest of all. A simple jog about the block to ease me back in. I warmed up for ten minutes, doing my best to remember the mistakes of before.

The sun was blazing and my earphones didn't fit properly, but the jog went well. Indeed, by the time I got home I felt as though I could have carried on. Perhaps it was the full warm-up but I felt absolutely great. However, I had my friend's words staying with me the whole time, and I refused to make any trouble for myself and I did a full warm down instead of getting back out and ruining my poor legs.

So, to cut a long story short (too late) the first step was pretty easy. Tomorrow I have to crank it up a notch, but only very slightly. If I'm going to build this up I'm going to make sure there are pretty strong foundations. Or I might just see what excuses I can come up with...

Still scared.


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