Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First run: update

So the interesting thing is that for the first time before a run I did a full-on warm up, and for the first time after a run I did a full-on cool down. I've done token little stretches before to pretend I'm doing the right thing, but this time I really went for it.

The result? I have no soreness or aching muscles whatsoever. If I didn't have the memories or the blog to prove it, I'd not know I'd been for a run earlier at all.

I must be doing something right. So here's a tip for anyone setting out at the start of some mad exercise regime: take it easy, do a full and complete warm up and a full and complete cool down, and be kind to your body. Having finally done this for the first time I am really feeling the benefit, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Basically, the lesson here is to do whatever Ben from Trilogy suggests. The McLovin' look-alike knows his stuff.


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