Friday, 14 September 2012

Back in the swing

It's been a busy few days so I've not blogged in a while. I couldn't have my most recent post still being a bitter Coldplay rant, but I've also got not a lot to say, so... well...

My running has been thus, this week:

Monday: Small jog
Tuesday: Slightly bigger jog
Wednesday: No jogging, was very busy
Thursday: Slightly bigger jog than Tuesday
Friday: Something of a run. At a guess about 5k.

So there we go. Like I say, not a lot to say. I'm enjoying running, though my thigh seems intent on causing me mischief and I'm guessing that at some point I'm going to need to rest it properly for a few days. But for now it's doable, and I'm not running with enough intensity to do any proper harm.

I suspected that this would get pretty dull pretty soon, blog-wise. It's not my fault, running is just putting one foot in front of the other faster than walking. Making that thrilling isn't easy...!

I'll most likely only send sporadic blogs from now on, when something of note happens. Until then, PLEASE DONATE SOME CASH! Oh, and there is a Christmas Quiz happening on December 20th that is to raise some money. Come to that, bring a team, it will be wild.

Ta! DM

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